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Customer Testimonials

ListBetter is helping hundreds
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Group 5

Record Sale for Albion

Recent sale for Sally & James thanks to ListBetter

“I was nervous about selling my first home, but ListBetter made the process so much easier. The platform guided me through creating a detailed property profile, and the agents who reached out were incredibly professional and helpful. I felt in control and supported throughout.”

Jane Hegarty
Gold Coast QLD, Australia

“As a real estate agent, ListBetter has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me. I’ve been able to connect with clients I wouldn’t have met otherwise. The property profiles give me all the information I need to tailor my proposals effectively.”

Sandy Lee
Adelaide SA, Australia

“Finding an agent has always been a gruelling experience. It’s hard to know who to trust – and you rarely have time to compare your options properly. ListBetter helped make this process easier and we couldn’t be happier with the agent who helped us list our house. We got a record sale for Upper Kedron!”

Ben Stokes
Everton Park QLD, Australia

“Listing my apartment on ListBetter was a game-changer! I received several competitive proposals from top-notch real estate agents within days. The platform made it easy to compare their track records and commission rates. Thanks to ListBetter, I sold my apartment above the asking price!”

Liz Gleeson
Neutral Bay, NSW

“We had to sell quickly and I wanted to be sure we’d get the best price. Approach, experience and relevant examples in our area we’re really important. I hadn’t heard of ListBetter before but a friend put us on to it. We got 4 agent proposals back in under 48 hours. Our chosen agent then sold our property in 4 weeks for more than we’d hoped. We couldn’t be happier with the process and the results.”

Cel Thickins
Melbourne VIC, Australia